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Meet the Governors and Statutory Documents



The Trust is governed by three groups that represent the local community, the Diocese of Bath and Wells and local schools.

Policy is generated by the Academic board (mainly made up of the headteachers in the Trust) and then prepared for scrutiny and approval by the Trustees. The members ensure that the work of the Trustees is effective and is responsible for appointing Trustees. Local Governing Bodies support and monitor the work of each school and use this information to develop both the School Development Plan and  Trust Development plan. 


The Academic board meets every month and is chaired by the CEO. The Trustees meet every term to scrutinize the work of the Academic board to ensure that we maintain high standards. The Members meet less frequently to receive reports from Trustees and scrutinise their work.



Mr Lee Baker

Mr Ed Gregory (Diocese of Bath and Wells)

Mrs Kathryn Tucker

Mr Nick Mouzouri



Appointees of the Diocese of Bath and Wells:

Mrs Hayley Lake 

Mr Paul Rushforth (CEO)

Mrs Kathryn Tucker

Mrs Jane Bellamy

Mr Andy Giles

Mr Andy Kingston- James

Mr Christopher Wood  


Mrs Elizabeth White (resigned 19/06/19) 

Mrs Cerys Randell (resigned 10/07/2018)

Rev Tim Langdon (resigned 06/18))

Rev Simon Robinson  (resigned 21/3/18))


Mrs Barbara O'Keefe (COO & Clerk to the Board of Trustees)

Mrs Trudy Danby (Clerk to the Finance Committee)



Dr Jane Keeley (Chair)

Mrs Susie Brown  (Vice Chair)

Mrs Fiona Miller 

Mrs Jill Ewen 


Mr Geoff Lloyd (resigned 31/08/19)

Mr Iestyn Milton-Jenkins - H&(resigned 21/7/19)

Mrs Debbie Shelley (resigned 03/01/2020)



Janine Donovan

Adam Evans

Daniel Hartley

Emma Murch (Director of Early Years) 

Daniel Perry

Paul Rushforth (CEO)

Barbara O'Keefe (COO)

Judy Shore (HR manager) 

Sebastien Crossley (Exec SENDCO)

Sarah Hill (Assessment Manager) 

A message from Dr Jane Keeley, chair of the board -Resignation of Debbie Shelley 


The Board of trustees recognises the significant contribution Debbie has made to governance of Minehead's individual schools over many years, and latterly also as a trustee on WSAT's board. We will miss her hard work and dedication to the trust's schools. Her highly-respected profile within the local community, and her knowledge of the community, will also be greatly missed, as will her work on behalf of the Trust’s schools. We sincerely thank Debbie for her long service as both a governor and as a trustee, and in appreciation of her fine work in supporting the achievements of our schools, and give her our best wishes for the future. The Trust is very fortunate to have trustees of Debbie’s calibre and commitment.


A message from Paul Rushforth CEO


Over the many years Debbie has worked for our schools (as governor, chair of governors and trustee) we have come to rely on her fair mindedness, kindness and generosity of spirit. I am delighted that she will still be part of the educational scene as governor at the West Somerset College but will miss her enthusiasm and drive to improve our schools for the children in our care.


From Adam Evans Headteacher Minehead First School


Debbie played a crucial role in the development of Minehead First School. She is a valued member of our school community and continues to be even though her child has long since left. It is a mark of her commitment to the young people of our area that she has continued to work for the young people of the area that she has continued to lead our schools even though her own child has moved on.





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Trudy Danby Clerk F&A












Jill Ewen













Hayley Lake












Iestyn Milton Jenkins












Barbara O’Keefe _ Clerk












Paul Rushforth - CEO












Debbie Shelley












Kathryn Tucker












Susie Brown












Jane Keely













Andy Kingston- James  / Observer                  
Andy Giles / Observer                  
Fiona Miller / Observer                  




West Somerset Academies Trust Board

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All Trustees have declared their business interests and these are recorded on the Trust’s Register of Business Interests. At Trustees’ meetings, if a potential conflict of interest arises, the relevant Trustee withdraws from the discussion.